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Tow Bars, Flat Tow Systems, Dinghy Towing

Rhino Linings of Utah is your one stop shop for tow bars, flat tow systems and dinghy towing. We carry a full line of Blue Ox tow bars, base plates, towed vehicle wiring, in-vehicle brake systems and much more!


Towing a car or SUV behind your RV or motorhome can seem intimidating. We remove the stress by installing the safest flat towing systems in the world. We also complete a full training with every flat tow system we sell. We'll show you how to connect and disconnect your system safely, quickly and conveniently.  

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What is a Flat Tow System?

A flat tow system allows one person to quickly and easily attach a towed vehicle to a motorhome, RV or other tow vehicle.


The tow bar setup consists of a vehicle specific base plate. The tow bars themselves. A vehicle specific wiring harness that allows the towed vehicle's brake lights and turn signals to function. And lastly an in-vehicle brake system the allows the towed vehicle to brake when the motorhome brakes.

I've never towed before. Can I do this?

Yes! Even if you've never towed before our flat tow systems make it safe and easy. Plus after your install we'll walk you through how to connect and disconnect the tow bars, the wiring harness and the in-vehicle brake system. We'll make sure you're 100% comfortable with the process before you leave our shop. 


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