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Gooseneck Hitches, B&W Turnover Ball - Rhino Linings of Utah

Gooseneck hitches are a great addition to your truck. They make towing heavy loads safe and easy. A gooseneck hitch is similar to a Fifth Wheel hitch, but instead of using a kingpin and fifth wheel head, the gooseneck uses a ball and coupler. Typically, gooseneck hitches are used to tow horse trailers and different types livestock haulers.

At Rhino Linings of Utah our preferred gooseneck hitch manufacturer is B&W. The B&W Turnover Ball is the most innovative gooseneck hitch ever designed. Like the name implies, the Turnover Ball system allows you to remove the gooseneck ball, turn it upside down and reinsert it into the gooseneck mount. The result is a completely flat bed surface when you're not towing, which allows you to use your pickup bed as you normally would.

The B&W Turnover Ball is designed to be model specific to your Ford, Chevy, GMC, Ram, Toyota or Nissan pickup truck and mounts to the factory holes in your frame with no drilling or welding required. This system utilizes a solid, machined 2- 5/16" ball and has a tow capacity up to 30,000 lbs. Even if you're towing something over 30,000 lbs. B&W offers a 3" ball upgrade to accommodate massive loads. Every B&W Turnover Ball comes complete with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Looking for 5th Wheel functionality too? We've got you covered. Rhino Linings of Utah carries a full line of Gooseneck to 5th Wheel adaptors including the B&W Companion and the Andersen Ultimate Hitch. 

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