Rhino™ TuffGrip® is the world’s #1 sprayed-on bed liner made better! Rhino has improved toughness and color stability, while retaining the non-skid grip that made Rhino Linings products legendary. TuffGrip can be applied to trucks, Jeeps®, trailers, boats, flooring, buildings, military vehicles and equipment and much more.

HardLine®, Rhino’s hardest truck bed lining yet, gives you a great truck bed for a great value! This lining is best for those applications with heavy impact and scratching. HardLine linings is strong and great-looking, and it provides protection at a tremendous value. It’s major features includes superior impact and compression resistance. What that means to your truck is very heavy loads won’t worry this lining! HardLine lining can be applied to consumer and commercial vehicles, heavy equipment and machinery, flooring, loading ramps and more.

SolarMax® lining is the next generation of sprayed-on protection. A unique, new aliphatic formulation, SolarMax lining combines toughness with maximum color stability. With its long-lasting color and UV protection, SolarMax lining can keep surfaces looking great much longer than most bed liners. In addition to many vehicle and equipment applications, SolarMax lining can be used to replace paint applications, reducing the need for frequent re-painting and labor costs. These applications include fire hydrants, parking zones, safety curbs, emergency lanes and more.

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