Marine Applications

For more than 20 years, Rhino Linings of Utah has been providing marine vessels with a thick layer of protection under the most rugged conditions. Here are a few reasons why you should trust Rhino Linings of Utah to protect your marine vessel:

• Textured surfaces can reduce slippage on decks, walkways, and more!
• Rhino Lining can be applied to new boats, or water crafts that have already been launched.
• Our products permanently seals out water and prevents corrosion.
• Helps insulate your water craft from noise and vibration.
• Maintenance free, easy to clean, no waxing needed, no sanding, repainting or tightening of screws.
• No cracking, splitting, tearing and our product will not warp like rubber mats or wood floors.
• Best protection for boats and trailers from the corrosive effects of harsh weather, salt and rust.
• Coats and seals wood, metal or fiberglass surfaces.

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